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Frequently asked questions

How can I upload or sell my notes?
You can sign up for high school notes and upload your notes straight away. If you want to sell notes they will need to be approved for sale by our moderation team.
How do I get paid?
After you've uploaded notes we'll guide you through connecting your account with Stripe, a global leader in online payments. They will verify your ID and confirm which bank account you want to be paid into.
How much will I make?
high school notes charges 30% commission on all sales, calculated at the time of purchase. Payments can be requested into your bank account after 4 days.
How can I be sure I'm getting quality notes?
You can read reviews left by others on the notes, and review other notes listed by the author.
Can I just upload free notes?
Of course. You can mix and match free notes and notes that you want to sell. Having free notes will boost you in search results.